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Bubbles: A Guide to Carbonated Cocktails Preorder

Bubbles: A Guide to Carbonated Cocktails Preorder

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This is a preorder - shipping this Summer!

Released this summer by the team behind Newington Green’s award-winning neighbourhood bar, Crossroads, their debut book, Bubbles: A Guide to Carbonated Cocktails is a comprehensive guide designed for bartenders and drinks fans eager to master the craft of force-carbonated cocktails. Written by Bart Miedeksza and Valentino Girotto, and edited by award-winning drinks writer Millie Milliken, Bubbles: A Guide to Carbonated Cocktails brings the duo’s years of research and practical knowledge into sharp focus, with the aim of equipping bartenders all around the world with all the knowledge they need to perfect this technique and implement it in their bars.

Long before the launch of Crossroads in 2020, owner Miedeksza and bar manager Girotto have been studying the process of carbonation. Over endless hours of experimentation, they’ve explored everything from the impact of different kinds of sugars, to aromatic compounds and bubble size in the end result of a cocktail. Crossroads became a laboratory of creativity and innovation. The knowledge gained from their tireless experimentation transformed their approach to bartending, inspiring a culture of curiosity and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was possible with carbonated cocktails.

Across 200+ pages, the book will cover an extensive range of topics in chapters such as Pressure, Time and Space, Sugars, Alcohol Content, Foaming Tips, Protein, Glass Impact and Bubbles Shape, to name a few. There will also be graphs and examples of experiments and trials for readers to reference, as well as a glossary of terms for more scientific terminology and an extensive reading list for further research. The book will also include exclusive photography and cocktail recipes from the Crossroads team.

Preorder the hardcover copy now to get a Bubbles tote bag and an extra gift!

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